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Sail Away


Images: Flatiron Sailing Boat | Striped Cashmere Sweater by Vince | Cape Knot Hitch from Kiel James Patrick


While in Aruba, I came across an environmentally conscious street vendor with a unique idea. The company is called do good Aruba and they re-purpose glass bottles sourced from local businesses, to create drinking glasses, tumblers, and vases. Aruba does not offer a viable glass recycling program, so these do-gooders were inspired to take matters into their own hands. The distinctive up-cycled pieces add character to your home decor or bar, while helping to support a great cause. I really love this initiative!


Images via The Fancy

Flying Fishbone

On our last night in Aruba, we decided to check out the Flying Fishbone restaurant, and it did not disappoint. We experienced a romantic dinner on the beach in fact our feet were in the water with a gorgeous view and an exceptional meal. We started with the Peruvian ceviche and the seared tuna tataki, followed by the sirloin steak with lobster tail. The plates were surprisingly generous, and the accent of sand and ocean complimented the atmosphere. Couldn’t think of a better way to end the trip.

Summer Haze


Images: Morning Dew Skinny Jeans by Dylan George | Ocean Whispers by leapinggazelle

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