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August by Abandon All Ships

This is the official music video release of August by Abandon All Ships, featuring Martin Broda out TODAY! I had a blast working on this project, check it out & pass it on!

A Tinge of…

A fabulous dress for every occasion at Tinge Boutique…


‘Bestellen’ -“to order” in Dutch…and order we did…


While in Aruba, I came across an environmentally conscious street vendor with a unique idea. The company is called do good Aruba and they re-purpose glass bottles sourced from local businesses, to create drinking glasses, tumblers, and vases. Aruba does not offer a viable glass recycling program, so these do-gooders were inspired to take matters into their own hands. The distinctive up-cycled pieces add character to your home decor or bar, while helping to support a great cause. I really love this initiative!

Pablo Picasso an Exhibition

Picasso was a Spaniard from Malaga, and one of the founders of Cubism and part of the Modernist movement. He constantly evolved his style and pushed the envelope; working mostly on canvas using oil paint and in sculpture.  He was one of the first artists to be featured and obsessed over by the mass media. However, it was only in this lifetime, that he became more famous than any other artist before him. Today, he remains one of the most influential creative minds in history.

The exhibit is already open at the AGO and will be running until August Im really excited to have this exhibit here in Toronto at the AGO and it is definitely a MUST see! Here are some of my favourite works from the genius artist himself.

Images via (left to right):
Pablo Picasso portrait | Les Demoiselles dAvignon, 1907 | Guernica, 1937 | Girl Before A Mirror, 1903 | Dora Maar au Chat, 1941

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