Las Vegas

Julian Serrano

While walking through Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas we stumbled upon the hotel restaurant Julian Serrano. The décor was warm hues and opalescent mosaic tile sweeping though the entire restaurant. The open concept and colourful atmosphere was a great contrast to some of the overly dark and dim restaurants found in Vegas.

I have to gush about this restaurant because the food was excellent! We sampled a good variety of tapas and they were all outstanding. The spicy brava potatoes brought me back to Barcelona only I was in Vegas. I ordered a seemingly typical plate of battered calamari and discovered that it had fried lemon slices that were sprinkled with sea salt. Since I’m not opposed to sampling the garnish, I tried the lemon slices and they were delicious! Before we knew it most of the plate had been devoured, so no pictures. I will definitely return to try everything else on the menu!

White Anchovy Fillets | Tuna Carpaccio | Beef & Cheese | Brava Potatoes

China Poblano

My favourite part of my trip to Vegas was the food! The restaurants are simply some of the best with world renowned chefs at the helm. Unique in both concept and décor, China Poblano created by chef José Andrés is a noodle & taco resto located in The Cosmopolitan.

I’m partial to Mexican food it’s one of my favorites so we sampled a few of the dishes on the Mexicaso side of the menu. The décor is modern and bright, intermixing Chinese & Mexican cultural elements. Digital images swap from famous Chinese to Mexican public figures. The restaurants kitchens are split into two; one side prepares strictly Chinese dishes, while other side whips up Mexican offerings. Now for the food, it was tapas style and amazing – the guacamole was perfect, roasted chicken mole tacos, tuna ceviche, and shrimp mojo were delicious. I enjoyed a pomegranate margarita with a light sweetness that paired well with all the spices.

Pollo con Mole Poblano  roasted chicken taco | mole poblano sauce

Tuna Ceviche  amaranth seeds | soy sauce | pecans

Shrimp Mojo Shrimp  sweet black garlic | roasted poblano peppers

Viva Las Vegas!

I recently took a trip to Las Vegas; it was my first time! The city was definitely sensory overload in every aspect; from the lights & décor, to the casinos & the shows, there’s an intermingling of the opulent and the tacky. The shopping was insane and at times overwhelming – even for a turbo shopper – but I picked up some great pieces.

I attended a Halloween party at Tao in The Venetian and revived my Disco Queen costume from last year.
I added a DIY crown to the costume to change it up, check out how I made it HERE.

It was an adventure exploring most of what Vegas had to offer. I have to be honest and say that Las Vegas is not my favourite city what happens in Vegas should definitely stay there!

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